Pumice Stone Nail Polishing Pen

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Achieve Perfect Healthy Nails Instantly!

Tired of getting injured while getting your nails done from all that sharp cuticle nippers and pushers used by manicurists? Try the Pumice Stone Nail Polishing Pen to help you achieve great-looking nails as a safer and convenient alternative to avoid the pain and hassle!

This specially designed nail file helps give you a salon-like finish to your nails. It is a perfect nail care tool for sparkling nail tips by easily keeping your nails free from dead skin and untidy cuticles.

It is created in the shape of a compact pen so you can use it anywhere and anytime with convenience without having to visit the nail salon. 


  • Neat and gleaming nail tips - Lets you show off clean and healthy nail tips every time by safely and easily removing painful cuticles and dead skin thoroughly around the edges of your nails without going to the salon. 

  • Beautify the nails - Effortlessly enrich and make your nails look stunning by dipping the nail file in essential oil then using it to groom the nail normally.
  • Safe alternative to other nail care tools - Instead of using a dangerous nipper and pusher that can also cut off healthy skin, this nail file is a better and less painful replacement.

  • Small and lightweight - The compact design makes it easy to carry around and use anytime you spot dead skin on your nails.

  • Designed as a pen - The sleek pen shaped design makes it easy for gripping and holding for thorough nail cleaning. 

  • Double purpose - Cleans cuticles and dead skin off your fingernails as well as grooming your toenails. 


  • Material: Pumice Stone
  • Size: 14m x 0.6m

Package Included

  • 1 x Pumice Stone Nail File


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