Reusable Squat-free Female Urinal

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🚣‍♂️Answer nature’s call with comfort, confidence, and relief🏃‍♀️

Planning a weekend trip, backpacking around the world, or going to a Festival? Avoid having to bear your bum to the wilderness, or having to sit down in un-hygienic restrooms! Simply pack this Reusable Squat-free Female Urinal and you can enjoy the freedom peeing. Drip & splash-free to keep your jeans dry. Shake it off, clean it, and use it again and again.


Skip the restroom queues and forget about squatting in the middle of nowhere. Enjoy the outdoors even more and stop having to worry about your next bathroom break. Designed to be super easy to use, leak-free, hygienic, and portable, this reusable female urinal is a women's new favorite travel companion. It's also great for those long and late car journeys that you're dreading - say "no more" to sitting on filthy public toilets!


  1. Easy to use Just press it up to your body and go. Designed to be discreet, it gives you the confidence to answer nature’s call anywhere, anytime.
  2. Easy to clean Just rinse with soap and water or pop it into the washing machine for a hassle-free clean. Odor-resistant silicone keeps your device smelling clean after every use.
  3. Reusable Our feminine urination device is made from strong, rigid, and durable silicone which makes it long-lasting and easy to clean. 
  4. Flexible Engineered and designed to be anatomically shaped to fit you! Pee in confidence without leaks or overflow. The aim with precision!
  5. Leak-free Never worry about splashing shoes or spraying clothes again. This device is not only designed with a flexible funnel that forms a leak-proof seal around your body, but it also has a spout that’s longer than most to make sure you end up mess-free whenever you call it to action.
  6. PortableTote around your funnel of freedom wherever you go. Our female urinal is foldable and comes with a waterproof storage pouch, complete with a carabiner and drawstring cord lock for secure storage and quick access.



  • Material: High-grade Silicone
  • Product Weight: 46 grams
  • Product Size: 15 x 6 x 10.6 cm



  • 1 x Reusable Female Urinal


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